For Cayenne II Type 958 Facelift

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Cayenne II Type 958 Facelift

'Cayster GT' -  based on the Porsche Cayenne 958 - by Hofele-Design.


The Porsche Cayenne sets the standard for premium SUV’s.
Everyday usability combined with luxury and performance. 

The Hofele-Design Cayster GT enhances the performance look with the addition of Hofele aero-kit. 

A new front spoiler and large air vent frames enhance the air flow to the coolers and intercoolers on the Turbo version and give a more dramatic performance look to the petrol, hybrid and Diesel engine models.
At the rear of the Cayster GT the aero kit includes a central air diffusor, exhaust opening frame set and the new rear boot spoiler. The finishing touch is the Hofele double-oval exhaust system which is the signature of the performance look. 

The body of the Cayster GT can be lowered by 30-40 mm with the ETS-system, an electronic lowering system for air suspension. When combined with the Hofele-Design 10 x 22’ REVERSO wheels, the ‘Cayster GT’ looks as ready for track day as it does for a trip to the
Golf club.

Finally, for extra performance on some petrol and diesel engine models the "Hofele Motor Technik” plug and play engine tuning kit (CPU-box) can be installed and increase the engine power and torque.


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