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HOFELE-Design GmbH is an internationally recognized specialist in automotive design and engineering, located in the heart of the German automotive region, in the atmosphere of Daimler, Porsche, Bosch, Mahle and others, in the "Automotive Valley" around Stuttgart. With over 35 years of experience, HOFELE develops and produces automotive styling products, technical components and automotive concepts for and on the basis of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. HOFELE-Design also supplies complete vehicles based on Mercedes-Benz vehicles under the HOFELE brand.

HOFELE-Design GmbH is an official contractual partner for Daimler AG.


Hofele-Design is internationally recognized and registered with the title of 'vehicle manufacturer': at the German KBA, the international SAE authority and the registration authorities in China.

The company splits into 3 divisions:

1. Since the end of 2017 HOFELE-DESIGN has a supply contract with Daimler AG for base cars Mercedes-Benz, exclusively for the conversion with HOFELE products, supplied directly from production line. This is a great privilege and shows confidence in technical competence and quality management.

2. Into the international tuning brand "HOFELE-DESIGN", which specifically serves the high-end products of Mercedes-Benz, but traditionally too, for Audi, VW, Porsche and Jeep with their own creations. Sales are worldwide in 29 countries.

3. The department ‘HOFELE Industries’ develops and produces vehicle accessory parts, as well as concepts for ‘Special Models’ of vehicle manufacturers, for many car manufacturers and car importers. We also develop and produce on behalf of some internationally known Tuner brands.

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