About Us

HOFELE-Design GmbH, A specialist automotive design and engineering company located in the heart of Germany’s automotive region, certified by the German TUV authority. With over 35 years’ experience Hofele designs and manufactures automotive styling products, engineering components and tuning products.

HOFELE-Design benefits in having our own in-house “Design Studio” offering a one stop solution, taking concepts from the design stage to technical development and on to production.

Our core business is the supply of Bespoke vehicles based on Mercedes-Benz passenger cars to our dealer network and our retail customers.

In 2018 HOFELE-Design GmbH was appointed as an official contractual partner to Mercedes-Benz AG.


Our Story & History

For over 35 years HOFELE has been enhancing automobiles for he worlds premium brands, today HOFELE works exclusively with the full range Mercedes-Benz passenger models.